4 Reasons to Buy Aftermarket Parts Instead of OEM

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When it comes to automobile maintenance, there are a wide variety of ways to make sure that your car is running as smoothly as possible.  In terms of vehicle components you have the ability to purchase car parts from a variety of vendors – two of the most popular being after market auto parts stores and from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  OEM parts are built for specific vehicles and are the exact same part that was in your car when you purchased it.  While buying these parts may sound appealing on the surface, these four reasons demonstrate the true value in visiting your local North York auto parts provider.

 Less Expensive

By shopping at your local auto parts store you will spend far less than if you opt for OEM parts.  The cost of an individual part varies by brand but visiting a local auto parts store enables you to shop around and find the best price for the highest quality product all while staying within your personal budget.

 High Quality

Not only are aftermarket car parts less expensive than their OEM counterparts, but they are often of equal or greater quality.  By browsing around in an auto parts store you are bound to find great deals on high quality products that may even be superior to the part that came in your car.  Further, you have the freedom to choose the exact part and components to meet your needs without having to rely on a factory standard.

 Wide Variety

north york auto parts

Aftermarket auto parts stores carry multiple brands, styles, and variations of the same part.  By using an auto parts store to buy components for your car, you are able to pick and choose between the quality, style, and performance of parts.  With these variations comes a large range of prices, allowing you to set and work within your own personal budget.

 Greater Availability

OEM parts can typically only be purchased at the appropriate car dealership.  Not only does this limit where you can get your car serviced, but you may also be stuck waiting for a part to be ordered and delivered.  Thankfully, local auto parts stores have such a large inventory that you are almost guaranteed to find the part you are looking for, and you will more than likely have more than one option to choose from

While there is a certain level of comfort in visiting your dealership and buying a product made specifically for your vehicle, a wise car owner will have another option in mind.  By driving past your dealership and pulling into your local aftermarket auto parts store you will be sure to find a greater availability and wider variety of less expensive, high quality car parts.